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FORT SURFOUT - Surface cleaning with osmosis water

glass, canopy, window, solar cell, plate, facade, sandwich panel...


ceiling, ossature, crane-crane way, pipe bridge, side-wall, container, tank, air-tube, industrial floor, pavement, lindab, sandwich panel, facade, solar-cell, tool, mold, component, industrial machine, industrial clean-up...

FORT FACADE - Facade cleaning

5 types facade surface treatment technology for all.

FORT CPI - Acoustical ceiling cleaning, coating

mineral fiber, plaster, metal, plastic, glass

FORT DRY ICE - Dry Ice Cleaning

Complicated and hard to clean surfaces chemical-free cleaning.

FORT GRAFFITI - Graffiti removal, protection

All surfaces.

FORT RESTORE - Surface reconstruction

Limestone, marble, granit surface grinding, polishing, impregnation.

Professional surface cleaning, building cleaning, ad-hoc and daily cleaning, surface treatment, surface protection

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